Stop assuming

As marketers, we assume WAY too much. There’s one big assumption a LOT of marketers make, and it’s a BIG mistake. They assume that their piece of online content will be the highlight of someone’s day. And that the receiver will have full attention for it. But here’s the truth about communicating online: Whatever content […]

What’s a good ad frequency?

Advertisers… Let’s talk about AD FREQUENCY. How high should it be? Research has been done, but the answer is not what you’ve heard before: The ideal frequency is 1 to 3. Or 7. If you look online, all you hear is “the rule of 7” and “a Nielsen study” being quoted. The truth is much […]

The case for micromanagement

Micromanagement is amazing! Unfortunately it has gotten a bad rep. This is because we’ve forgotten this lost truth about micromanaging: “Ownership is a result of good micromanagement”. Just like raising children, the more you pour into them when they’re young, the better they will stand on their own two feet when they’re older. Managers: If […]

Stop paying for leads. Get leads to pay you instead

Every business prefers getting paid by customers over spending time and money on leads that don’t convert. The problem however is this: Before you can start selling, you have to pay for marketing to get you leads first. But not anymore. You can now get paid to get leads. Get paid to get leads Yes. […]

Maternity Leave Out Of Office Email (copy this for free)

The less stressed you are, the better. So if you’re having trouble coming up with the perfect maternity leave email, here’s an example email (with subject line ideas at the bottom of this post!). If you want to have an out of office announcement that’s: Professional and fun at the same time Easy to read […]
extremely handsome man pointing with his finger to the words "copy this"

The 3 golden rules for good copywriting

I know you want your ads to be as PROFITABLE as possible. That’s why we’re constantly optimizing our ads. Now, let me tell you something: If you want to improve the ROI on your ads, there’s only 2 things you can do: Increase the conversion rate (get more people who clicked your ad to convert) […]

How Your Unconscious Brain Is Ruining Your Life

Our unconscious brains are ruining our lives… It’s taken over too much of our thoughts and behavior. And you know what the worst thing is? You probably don’t even know that it’s doing that to you. I mean, hey… your unconscious brain is super useful: You can breathe automatically thanks to your unconscious brain… You […]
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