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  • A Remarkable Brand

    Imagine how much you're losing because you're too forgettable and people don't remember you?

  • Reach More People

    With a crystal clear message. A professional website. And content that moves.

  • Get More Leads

    With ad campaigns that really connect and convert better than your competitors.

Growing your business shouldn't be this hard...

Businesses who are doing GOOD in the world deserve to keep growing!

There is just one problem:

Too many businesses like yours still lack the necessary online marketing skills for this.

And I won't have it!

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You should get more leads! Because I want to see you flourish!

You can learn how to do this yourself through my courses.

Or you can hire me to do it for you.

Either way, I just want you to relax again!

The time of being stressed out about marketing is OVER.

Let me worry about that for you.

So you can focus on the amazing work you do.

Do you feel called to work with me?

Then allow me to help you.

Some brands we've helped grow
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About Me

Once upon a time, it was June 2011, and I entered the game of digital marketing...

I started with blogging, SEO and Data Analysis and quickly branched out into Social Media and Online Advertising.

I've helped COUNTLESS businesses grow while working as a consultant in agencies and as a freelancer, by getting them MORE LEADS from their digital marketing campaigns.

These clients ranged from large enterprises to SME's, SMB's and even solopreneurs.

And let me tell you 1 thing:

In all those years in digital marketing, I'd many see things that would make me VERY SAD...

sad guy sitting under tree

  • manipulation
  • fear mongering
  • creating scarcity

And I am AGAINST that.

I know that businesses like yours (and your customers) need a WHOLE OTHER type of marketing.


If they want to GROW sustainably over the LONG TERM, that is.

That's why I use a different marketing method.

My method is one that's based on:

  • authenticity
  • creating trust
  • and abundance

You know how I came up with this method?

Well, I combined these 3 things:

  • Analytics data (I know this works because I see it in the data)
  • Mythology and spirituality (to connect with people's heart)
  • And the latest insights from neuropsychology (to connect with people's heads)

Sounds impressive, right?

It's not.

This method is actually REALLY SIMPLE and it will come 100% NATURALLY to you.

This is because everything is underlined by this 1 principle:

EVERYTHING is a game.

Digital marketing is a game, too.

And every game has rules.

If you don't know the rules, you can't win.

Lucky for us, there are only 3 rules in this game.

And I would LOVE to teach 'em to you!

Still, every month, I see AMAZING businesses like yours lose out on leads...


That's why I invite you to read my book

When you're through with my book, you'll know EXACTLY what these 3 rules mean to your day to day online marketing work and WHAT you can improve on.

Click here to get access to a free copy of my book.

Or if you'd rather call me directly to see what I can do for you... Then hit the button below and schedule a call.

What exactly can you buy from me?

You can choose between 3 different services of mine:


Let me (Hans) teach you and transform you into a dangerously effective online marketing expert yourself.

The book

"The 3 foundations of digital marketing" - 80+ pages of deep knowledge you can apply right away. (It's free!)
Click here to get access to the book.

The online course

"The 3 foundations of digital marketing" - 4,5h of course material including concrete examples from real businesses, homework assignments and a checklist.
Click here for more on the online course.

Personalized trainings

Lots of SMB's, SME's and large organizations are looking for the best place to invest in their existing marketing team. That's why I offer to teach your team in a training personalized to your specific needs.
Schedule a call with me to explore my training offering.


You don't have to go at it alone. Let me assist you in the implementation of these 3 rules of online marketing. So you can be sure you're doing it right.

Live workshops

Implement the 3 rules of online marketing in one of my workshops. Either with a group. Or privately in your own office. Either way, you will be working under my supervision. You can ask me anything. So you know for SURE you are doing it right.

At the end of the day you are done with all 3 rules or you know EXACTLY what needs to be done to get your online marketing in order.

1: 1 Coaching

Online marketing is always ongoing and evolving. So even after the workshops people often want my advice on things that they encounter in they day to day work. And I won't leave you hanging. That's why I offer these 1: 1 coaching calls.

Schedule a free call with me where I will get you all the info you need on workshops + coaching


You want to get as much ROI as possible from your ads without wasting any of your money.

I understand that.

Your best bet is to hire someone who's specialized in setting up and managing your ads FOR you.

Outsource your:

  • Online Advertising Set-Up & Management
  • SEO
  • Data Analysis & Reporting
  • Email Marketing

If you're looking for someone to do your:

  • Branding
  • and/or Webdesign

I can help with that too. I'll set you up with very competent partners that I personally use and trust (and who I've taught these 3 foundations of digital marketing to).

OK. I'd love to work with you. How do I start?

Starting a new project with me is easy:

1. Book a call

Book a free exploration call to discuss your project.

2. Get expert help

You hire me. I help you.

3. Grow your business

More leads. More profit.

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