About Me

It was June 2011. I had dropped out of college. And I had no clue what the point of my life was supposed to be.

That's when I bought a course on SEO and entered the game of digital marketing...

As a good boy, I followed the teacher's instructions exactly and hey... I made a couple hundred euro's a month from AdSense because my blogs ranked high in Google and got lots of traffic!

So it started with SEO, researching and writing content, learning about copywriting, human behavior and checking it all through Google Analytics.

With this experience I quit my student job at a rental car company and started to work as an online marketing consultant.

That's where I quickly branched out into Social Media Strategy and Online Advertising.

Since then, in the last 10+ years as a digital marketing consultant I've helped hundreds of businesses grow by getting them more leads, more efficiently.

These clients ranged from large multinationals to SME's, SMB's and even solopreneurs.

And let me tell you 1 thing:

In all those years in digital marketing, I've seen many things that made me VERY SAD...

sad guy sitting under tree

  • manipulation
  • fear mongering
  • creating fake scarcity

And I am AGAINST that.

I know that businesses like yours (and your customers) need a WHOLE OTHER type of marketing.


If they want to GROW sustainably over the LONG TERM, that is.

That's why I use a different marketing method.

My method is called "The 3 foundations of digital marketing."

While everyone is trying to scare you into using the next "trick" or "hack". I teach a long-term and dangerously effective marketing method that's based on:

  • authenticity
  • creating trust
  • and generating leads authentically

And this is not just "an idea" I had.

It's rooted in science:

  • Analytics data (I know this works because I see it in the data)
  • Mythology and spirituality (to connect with people's heart)
  • And the latest insights from neuropsychology (to connect with people's heads)

Sounds complicated, right?

It's not.

This method is actually REALLY SIMPLE and it will come 100% NATURALLY to you.

This is because everything is underlined by this 1 principle:

EVERYTHING is a game.

Digital marketing is a game, too.

And every game has rules.

If you don't know the rules, you can't win.

Lucky for us, there are only 3 rules in this game.

And I would LOVE to teach 'em to you!

Still, every month, I see AMAZING businesses like yours lose out on leads...


If you'd know about these 3 foundations, you'd stop spending money you're currently spending on things that are not profitable.

That's why I invite you to check out my book.

The book is 80 pages of deep insights and explanations of these 3 crucial foundations of online marketing and how to implement them in your business.

It's the perfect start to creating healthy foundations for long-term sustainable growth.

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