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Stop paying for leads. Get leads to pay you instead

Every business prefers getting paid by customers over spending time and money on leads that don’t convert.

The problem however is this:

Before you can start selling, you have to pay for marketing to get you leads first.

But not anymore.

You can now get paid to get leads.

Get paid to get leads


You can get MONEY for getting qualified people in your pipeline.

And these people will actually PAY YOU to be there.

This is nice because:

  • You make your ad spend back RIGHT AWAY (and some more)
  • Your up-sell will go WAY smoother

How this works, is what I’ll explain in this blog post.

But wait, you have to “date” people before they will buy, right?


Well, it’s not false actually.

But it’s not the way I’ve taught you in my book.

What’s still true is this:

People need to trust you before they pay you a lot of money.

People need to trust you before they pay you lot of money.

So the strategy doesn’t change.

The tactic does.

Strategies don’t change. Tactics do.

The strategy is: Build trust.

The tactic was:  Give away a free lead magnet and then follow up to see if they want to buy something.

But today, I’m changing my mind.

I mean, this process STILL works fine. If you do it right, it’s definitely going to be profitable and make your business grow.

But there’s ONE BIG DOWNSIDE to this process…

And it’s this:


And even still, this process is profitable just because you earn back your money multiple times through steps #3, #4 and #5 from people who DO become customers.

BUT… Wouldn’t it be nice to:

  • Get paid instead of giving free help?
  • Get qualified customers eager to buy MORE from you?

That WOULD BE nice!

And I’m telling you: It’s possible.

And I’m gonna teach you how to do it:

One tweak to start making money from your leads

The tweak you have to make is really quite simple.

Go straight to selling your intro offer to people in need.


So before you would market like this:

  1. Run ads to people offering them your free e-book/pdf/online course (costs money)
  2. Follow up with them and offer them your introduction product (costs time)
  3. Make some sales (makes money)


Now, your marketing looks like this:

  1. Run ads to people offering them your introduction product (costs money)
  2. Only make sales (makes money)

In the before scenario you’re usually LOSING money or just breaking even.

In the after scenario you’ll be breaking even OR already making a profit right from the start.

Here’s how to make people buy STRAIGHT from your ad

Of course, first… You have to have THE FOUNDATIONS right. But you know that, because you’ve read my book. Right?

So then you know you must:

  1. Write compelling copy
  2. Target the right audience
  3. Track the right numbers

But here’s the 1 thing that’s not in the book that will MAKE OR BREAK this ad:

  • Your offer should trigger an IMPULSE BUY
  • And your offer should promise a TANGIBLE result

Your offer should feel like they are STEALING from you

How to make them impulse buy?

By nailing your offer.

And you offer has these 2 components:

  1. Price
  2. Promise

So in order to impulse buy, people need to see a promise they want with a price that feels like a steal.

People need to see a promise they want for a price that feels like a steal

How much $ should I charge?

What that $ number is, depends on your audience’s budget and the problem you solve.

If you’re marketing B2C to poor people promising to solve a simple problem, your “impulse price limit” might be only $7

If however, you’re marketing to a more affluent B2C audience promising to solve a complex problem like credit repair, your “impulse price limit” might be $70.

If your audience is a corporate business, they might “impulse buy” for $500.

What’s important is that the person seeing your ad DOESN’T HAVE TO SPEAK TO A SUPERIOR to buy right then and there.

Whether that superior is your manager or your wife😄

What do I promise in my ad?

This is even more important than the low price.

Promising (and delivering!) a very specific and TANGIBLE result will not only generate more sales…

It will also be the best lead qualifier for your main product or service ever!

Much better than any free lead magnet can do for you.

Look, here’s the thing, right:

People have problems.

And they want them fixed.

If you promise you can help them fix 1 tiny problem for only a couple of bucks…

And you ACTUALLY deliver on that promise…

People are going to LOVE you for it.

Now pay attention here: Your tiny problem is your lead qualifier.

Your tiny problem is your lead qualifier

So make sure to pick a problem that if people have this, they are very likely to also have this bigger problem.

The big problem is what you solve with you main product or service.

Examples (B2C and B2B)

So a plumber might do a complete renovation of the piping in an old house.

But a leaking faucet in the bathroom might be his indicator that this house may also have the BIG problem.

So he offers to fix faucets for $20 first. Only to then offer his BIG service for $2000.

I’m not a plumber so I don’t know if these prices are correct, but you get what I’m saying.

  • Tiny problem: leaking faucet.
  • Tangible result: a faucet that works again.
  • Low price: $20

On the other end of the spectrum we have B2B environments. Let’s say you are an IT consultant and you help with Microsoft 365 implementations.

You may have figured out that most organizations have a problem: They need expert help with the entire 365 suite.

But that’s their BIG problem.

What you also noticed is most of these organizations also have 1 smaller problem:

They can’t seem to get video conferencing in Teams to work. Everyone is complaining about it.

You can quite easily solve this with a half-day intervention where you workshop this out.

Let’s say you charge $400 and totally fix their set-up relieving them from all their issues.

Chances are, this company is a lot more open to hearing about your $12.000 Office 365 implementation project now that you’ve helped them fix this OBVIOUS issue everyone was complaining about.

It’s hard to sell 12K projects to a cold lead.

But it’s WAY easier to sell it to an existing client.

Especially an existing client that’s HAPPY and TRUSTS you because you actually delivered on your promise already.

  • Tiny problem: issues with video conferencing
  • Tangible result: flawless video conferencing set-up for everyone in the organization
  • Low price: $400

This works for any business (small or large)

The only thing that changes is the numbers.

But the strategy works the same.

It’s very simple:

It’s not easy to define a tangible solution for a specific problem

The hardest part of this formula for most businesses is this:

  • Defining a tangible result for a specific problem.

People will NOT impulse buy if your offer isn’t specific or tangible enough.

[examples] Bad – not specific – offers

Here’s some examples of bad offers:

  • A complete check-up on your plumbing!
  • Get a free credit score report
  • Learn 5 movements for a pain free life!
  • Get a plan to fix your entire digital marketing
  • Workshop to learn how to use Microsoft 365

[examples] Good – specific – offers

  • Get your 3 highest risk plumbing priorities report
  • Get 3 credit score fixes that increase your chance of getting a mortgage by 92%
  • Learn the 5 Excercises to end your elbow pain and start playing tennis again!
  • Get a proven 3-step plan to improve your Facebook Ads ROI
  • Set-up video conferencing in Teams for your organization in just 2 hours!

Alright then!

That’s it for me today.

Thanks for reading so far.

Use it to your advantage!

Valeu! 🤙🏻

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